New Hope Broiler Super Starter Feed 510 – 25kg

New Hope Broiler Super Starter Feed 510 – 25kg

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We offer New Hope super starter feed (for broilers) which is appropriately formulated to ensure early broiler growth and improved health. This results in high, reproducible and profitable livestock production results.


The feeds are special nutritional package fed to broiler chickens for the first three to five days post-hatch.

They are packed in 25kg bags.

This product comes in professional and commercial rations. Professional ration typically has higher nutritional content than commercial ration, although the commercial ration works very finely too.

They come in commercial and professional rations. Place an order depending on your choice!

New Hope broiler super starter

We offer New Hope broiler super starter feed which was manufactured to enhance early growth and improve the lifetime performance of broilers.


They are formulated to balance the early diet of day-old chicks with nutritionally excellent supplements.

The estimated feed intake per bird is 0.5kg from hatch to the 2nd week.

In broiler production, the first four days represent a substantial part of a broiler’s life as the feed consumption of chicks directly impact future performance.

This super starter feed helps to fulfil the specific nutritional needs of the young chick, supporting its transition from eating the yolk sac to the first diet consumed.

In addition, the small size of the feed particles makes it easy for the chicks to pick up and ingest faster.

Why use New Hope broiler super starter feeds for your chicks?

To boost gut development: Probiotics, proteins and other nutrients help to drive body weight gain, maintain body temperature and supply beneficial bacteria that can protect the growing chicks from harmful pathogens.

To support immunity and livability: As the immune system continually develops from the embryo till post hatch and continues thereafter, proteins present in pre-starter feeds help support and achieve the acquired immunity.

It was produced with high-quality raw materials using scientific formulae, making the digestibility and absorption higher.


Make sure your chicks always have water. Without enough water, they will not grow well. For each 1 g of feed, your chicks need 2 g of water. For the first 3-5 days, it is advised to add the following to their water:


  • Liquid glucose for energy
  • 1 drop of liquid paraffin for digestion
  • Vitamins (to help with stress)
  • Clean the drinkers every day.

Product Features:

Higher feed utilization rate and low disease incidences.

It is highly balanced in nutrients and supplements.

The feed particles are easy for chicks to pick up and ingest.

Suitable for healthy growth of the chicks in order to develop high immunity to face the possible stresses like diseases, climate, handling, etc.

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Professional (510), Commercial (510T)


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